By Lynette is officially licensed to use the Australian Made logo.

Simply look for the famous green and gold Australian Made kangaroo logo.  The triangular logo encasing a stylised kangaroo is the most recognised and trusted country of origin symbol in Australia, enjoying a 98.8 percent recognition level amongst Australian consumers (Roy Morgan Research, 2012)

The logo is administered by the Australian Made Campaign Limited (AMCL), a not-for-profit company, under contract from the Federal Government.  It's a certification trademark, registered with the Federal Government, and with a strict set of rules governing how it can be used.  Products must be registed with the AMCL and must meet the criteria in the Code of Practice to use the logo and meet high Australian standards.

It means that you as a consumer have confidence that you are purchasing a product of quality that is made right here in Australia.

By Lynette's products displaying the Australian Made logo include a range of Felt Knitted Hats and Bags; Felted Accessories; Knitted, Crochet and Woven Accessories; and Fibre Art.

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